Broken Hill, NSW Australia – The Best Place In Australia For Stargazing

Where is the best place in Australia for stargazing?

Not too long ago, Broken Hill was listed as one of Australia’s National Heritage sites. But that alone is not reason enough to visit the place. However, if you love to stargaze, we can think of a few more …

For the average tourist, Broken Hill in New South Wales might seem like an unusual, perhaps even obscure choice. Located miles from anywhere, it’s remote and often excruciatingly hot in the middle of summer. But it does have sandy white beaches, top-class restaurants, and amazing accommodation choices.  

For the romantic stargazer however, Broken Hill has a lot more than delicious cuisine, eye-catching beaches and comfort plus housing. It has spectacular views of the star-studded night sky.

Best Place In Australia For Stargazing

Awesome Light

Light pollution is a stargazer’s biggest enemy. Your second biggest enemy are cloudy skies. Broken Hill rarely has either. Isolated from cities and towns, it has zero light pollution, while the sky is often clear as crystal.

Moreover, the population density here is extremely low, which means that after dark there will be very few lights to disrupt your stargazing.

If you visit during the winter when the nights are longer, all you need to do is make sure you bring some warm clothes.

The Skies Go On Forever

Because Broken Hill is so isolated and the land so flat, you can see a long way into the distance. This also means that the skies seem to go on forever into eternity.

As such, you can see a whole spectrum of constellations and planets. It’s like the world’s biggest painting is suspended above you, with a thousand different narratives waiting to be read. One word- Magical!

Dawn Like Never Before

The Broken Hill landscape is nothing short of stunning. Red rocks contrast with miles upon miles of flatland, and when dawn begins to break after a night of stargazing, you will be in touch with the majesty of nature.

The splendour of the sky at night is juxtaposed perfectly with the landscape as the burning sun begins to rise. It’s a spine-tingling, mystic moment.

Friendly Locals

Part of what makes Broken Hill the best place in Australia for stargazing are the friendly locals. After all, a trip can easily be ruined if you don’t get along with the people.

Thankfully, the residents in this remote mining town are only too happy to greet stargazers and make us feel right at home. They are down to earth people who are proud of their city. If you need any assistance, you can count on them. They add to the greatness of stargazing down here.